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I'm so fortunate to have dedicated spaces to inspire my creativity – it makes such a difference. My Home Art Studio is in the banner at the top of this page! In 2019 I started renting a second studio.

There really was never a time that I didn't know I would be an artist. I started my artistic path very early. My dad kept one of my drawings from when I was 5 years old hanging on his wall for decades.

For practical reasons to make a living, I spent most of my working years as a graphic artist. I even married a graphic designer and we've been self employed for over 30 years. I've always managed to create a little fine art along the way, but in 2018 decided to make it my main focus. Now I'm a Nature Artist - painting and illustration.

Feel free to contact me if you have questions!

Here's a sampling of some of my recent work... 
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~ Farm Parade ~ Acrylic on Canvas 12x24
This is from my newest series 
Farm Raised for my Solo Show 2021

Roasting Marshmallows
Watercolor 8x8 inches
This watercolor is just one of the many paintings 
I did during World Watercolor Month 2019. 
I'm doing it again for 2020! Keep up on the fun! 
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A painting a day is the goal... it's hard to 
keep up with, but I enjoy the challenge.


Original paintings available for purchase in my online Gallery or by appointment locally for larger pieces. Contact me with questions using the form on the right. 

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I have a new website!
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