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art studio furniture
Look at my BEAUTIFUL art studio in the banner at the top of this page! I found this gorgeous colorful hutch at a second hand shop for my very first piece of furniture. 
I'm so fortunate to have a dedicated space to inspire my creativity – it makes such a difference especially for painting.

I started my artistic path very early. My dad still has one of my drawings from when I was 5 then I started painting when I was in my early teens. There really was never a time that I didn't know I would be an artist. For practical reason of make a living, I spent most of my working years as a graphic artist. I even married a graphic designer and we've been self employed for over 30 years.

I've always managed to create a little fine art along the way, but just this year decided to make it my main focus. So here I am, showing it to you and the world!

Let's start with a sampling of some of my most recent work...

I've painted over 100 watercolor and acrylics just this year (2018).
To see more (but they're not all there yet) go to my GALLERY page.
My Original Paintings are now available in my Etsy Shop.

Watercolor in the Round
Gentle Giraffe
Watercolor in the Round

Watercolor • Turkey Feather
Botanical Watercolor • Black-eyed Susan
Plein Air Watercolor • Gnarled Roots
Ink Over Watercolor • Rainbow Magnolia

Keep up to date with my newest offerings...

For additional information go to my Art Shop Info page.

Original paintings 
available soon in my Etsy Shop

Currently everything in my shop is digital downloads. 
Many of the items are based on my original digital paintings and a few are from traditional media paintings.I will be phasing out the downloads and replacing them with original paintings.

Starglow Studio @ Social Media

As with everything else, I'm revamping my social media presence.
For additional information and updates go to my Social Media page.
I love Instagram and post daily when I can.
I'm not there often, but my Instagram automatically push my posts.

Show Schedule

And see my blog posts for more information.

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