Change is Good!

UPDATE: February 24, 2019
Adding a few digital listings back into my Etsy shop now that I have a good selection of original paintings too.

UPDATE: November 23, 2018
I have removed all the digital paintings from my Etsy shop, gradually replacing them with original paintings and prints. I'm leaving the downloadable Coloring Pages and even hope to do more of those.

Last year I turned my dining room into my painting studio and wow, that made a huge difference. I always felt I didn't paint enough to have a studio, but what I discovered was if you have a studio, you'll paint a lot more!

Many of my paintings are done en plein air (going on location). I really find painting from life is more inspiring than from photos, however a good compromise is working from my photos on a monitor or flat screen TV... the back lighting gives the subject more dimension and brings it to life compared to a flat photo. So now I take a lot of photos to use in my studio when I know I can't sit right in front of the subject, or don't have time to finish it while I'm there.

Painted in honor of our newest
baby giraffe addition to the local zoo.

This year so far I've painted over 100 watercolors and acrylics! Certainly a record for me. That doesn't even include a lot of drawings, pen and inks, and urban sketching.
(Take a peak at my gallery page or join me on Instagram where I post 'works in progress' and many other details about my art & life.)

So whats the next step?
En plein air at a local park. It was so
hot that day so I went into the deep
woods where it was cooler.
I don't have room to store all those paintings – it's time to sell them!

I'm currently revamping this blog, my Etsy shop, and my Social Media, to feature my original watercolor and acrylic paintings. I may sell prints and cards later on.

I'm also working towards having Open Studio and I'm turning my sun porch into a gallery. And lining up art shows to sell at. Yes, I'm having fun!

Pets Soothe Our Soul
No Matter What They Look Like

Animals are fascinating creatures that share this earth with us. Many of them share our home and lives as well. Our nurturing instincts try to keep them from harm. We do our best to provide them with love, comfortable surroundings and necessities. They are a great comfort to us even if the rest of our life is hectic or in a shambles.

With all that, comes "bragging rights"!
Do YOU have the best _______ (fill in the blank)? Of course you do. We each have the best because no two pets are identical, therefore each is the best in it's own right.

Those of you not well acquainted with animals and pets may think that all _______ (fill in the blank again)... cats are alike, rats are alike, snakes are alike... totally untrue. Over 130 foster cats have temporarily come into my home (hmmm, some of them are still did that happen? LOL) Every single one of them were different, not just the way they looked, but the way they acted. As animal lovers we know this fact - every animal, no matter what kind, how big or how small, each has it's own distinct personality.