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I have moved my website! 
Please jump on over to

Starglow Studio @ Social Media

I love Instagram for it's heavy visual features. I post daily when I can. Most posts are about my art, showing you the behind the scenes aspects of painting and creating art. I often include works in progress along with finished work too. Occasionally I post in "Stories" (videos) of what's happening in my life... about my studio, my cats, my plants, and of course my art. Seldom do I use the live video feature, but hope to start doing that more often.

I use to be a Facebook guru, I even gave classes about how to use it. But alas, it kept changing too fast I couldn't keep up. Now I only monitor it a couple times a week. My Instagram posts and stories automatically push to my Facebook art account so I still have a good following there.

Another very visual social site that I use to do a lot on. I have neglected it terribly this year, but hope to get back to it after my many changes I'm working on for the rest of this year.

Other Places Too
I have accounts on many other social media sites, but you know, there's only so much time in a day, and I'd rather be painting! 

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