New Year • New Goals

     HAPPY 2018!     

The beginning of each new year prompts me to re-evaluate and determine a plan for the rest of the year. Blogging has never been high on my list, yet it always IS on my list. 

This year I am determined to... 

  1. blog more than a couple of times! 
  2. have fun by talking about things I love.
  3. relieve some of the pressure by changing my attitude;
    not every blog post has to be a masterpiece.
  4. drop the "have to promote all the time" feeling.
  5. and last, map out a schedule!
This is a good start to my new year of blogging...
short, simple, and to the point.


This post and declaration of determination is dedicated to my mother!

1928 ~ 2017

CAUTION! Forcing Creativity Shows in Your Work

   (a quote from me)


That's a reminder to myself!

Some things aren't planned, 
they just happen! 

That's often the way I feel while working on a watercolor painting...
What will happen, happens. It's so much more enjoyable when I paint with the right attitude. 

Look at my fabulous volunteer pumpkins!
I didn't plan those, they just popped up in my backyard and I let them happen.


Find your inspiration!

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. I love finding those interesting scenes that trigger my enthusiasm to get out my paints and start creating.

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