CAUTION! Forcing Creativity Shows in Your Work

   (a quote from me)


That's a reminder to myself!

Some things aren't planned, 
they just happen! 

That's often the way I feel while working on a watercolor painting...
What will happen, happens. It's so much more enjoyable when I paint with the right attitude. 

Look at my fabulous volunteer pumpkins!
I didn't plan those, they just popped up in my backyard and I let them happen.


Find your inspiration!

Inspiration can be found almost anywhere. I love finding those interesting scenes that trigger my enthusiasm to get out my paints and start creating.

Some Apps Make Life a Little More Fun

I seldom get excited about apps for my smart phone, 
but WORD SWAG has really caught my attention!
It's especially great for posting pictures to social media like
Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest and even my Etsy Shop

It's not free, but oh so worth it.

 My Kitty Word Swag

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