Hibiscus Flower Watercolor Painting at My Local Botanical Gardens

Winter is LONG... my  local botanical garden atrium is the perfect spot for painting.

I love painting in plein Air but fighting the cold and wind in winter is just too much. I often head over to my local botanical garden to soak up the warmth and humidity while I paint in either watercolor or acrylic. Gives me a much needed break from both the elements and my studio.

Available in my Etsy Shop.

I'm even using this painting 
for some of my printed promotional materials!


Mini DIY Pochade Box for Plein Air Painting

I recently made this fun little pochade box for plein air painting with open acrylics. I wanted something light weight and handheld so I purchased a balsa wood box, altered and accessorized it. You can find more pictures with notes in my Instagram story.

Pochade Box

Painting in Plein Air


Will Winter Ever End?

Hope you're having a great 2019!
Can hardly wait for spring so I can get outside 
for plein air painting and urban sketching!