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Welcome to My Gallery

This is just a sampling of my paintings... I will expand it when time allows.
Originals available in my Etsy Shop .

Check out my Instagram or Facebook page.
I post a lot of my paintings there, both finished and in progress.
I'm also setting up a physical gallery in my home along side my painting studio. 
I'll post here on my blog when I have open studio.

ABOVE: Miniature "Contour" Watercolors
"Contour" is my series name. I punch the shape from watercolor paper, then paint them. 

Watercolor in the Round
Gentle Giraffe
Watercolor in the Round

Watercolor and Ink

Watercolor in the Round
Watercolor in the Round

Watercolor in the Round
Watercolor in the Round
En Plein Air • Acrylic on Canvas • 4x4 inches

Watercolor • Turkey Feather
Botanical Watercolor • Black-eyed Susan

Plein Air Watercolor • Gnarled Roots
Plein Air Watercolor • Simple Clover

Ink Over Watercolor • Rainbow Magnolia
Watercolor • Black-eyed Susan

En Plein Air
Portland Head Lighthouse • Portland, Maine

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