Illustrating with Pixels Instead of Paint

[Update 2015: I'm currently not painting custom portraits, however I still use this method of painting for many of my clip art illustrations and other downloadable art.]

People often ask "How do you create your custom portraits?" There's no simple answer, but the easiest explanation is "I use pixels instead of paint" using a graphics tablet and stylus pen to draw and paint with Adobe Photoshop.  Although I also paint traditionally, using digital media has so many advantages. No wasted supplies or vast inventory of paper, paint, erasers, and brushes. No stained carpet or hazardous chemicals to dispose of. No rolls and rolls of wasted paper towels cleaning up messes. Gee, I guess you could say my art is "green"?
Oh, and one last thing... there's nothing for my cats to
get in trouble over. Well unless they play with the mouse!

Here's a short slide show I assembled to show the 
different stages of when I illustrate a nose and tongue. The image on the left 
in the slides is the original photo I used for reference.

Feel free to comment with questions... I have no secrets! ;)
-- Lori Lee

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