DIY Cat Window Perch

I'm a firm believer of "indoors-only cats" if you live in the city. But cats still need to occupy their time with interesting activities. A window perch for you cat gives them lots of exciting moments watching birds, squirrels, insects, and leaves. Even your neighbors will help keep your cat entertained! LOL And that warm, cozy sunshine streaming through the glass is certainly an added plus.

I found this excellent video for making your own cat perch from wood to specifically fit your size window. It makes it look really simple... of course, nothing is really simple, right? There are many other options out there both to make or to purchase. A quick Google search will find you many different styles.

Here are a few styles that are available commercially, 
but if you're handy, just build your own cat perch.

Cat Window Perch Ideas 

Good Luck! 
Send me a picture of your finished project and I'll post it.
Thanks! --Lori Lee

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