Happy Holdidays! Don't work too hard.

Its been several months since I posted here. I've migrated my energy to Facebook and have really been enjoying tending my studio page there. But I'm back here to try my hand at blogging again. No promises, but I'll give it a chance and try to post more often.

The holiday season is here and shopping is at its peak. This is a first for me doing Custom Pet Portraits during this busy time. After a big 10 day show in mid October and the flurry after, I realize next year I need to plan much better and promote much earlier to those that want custom art for presents. Its just too stressful to have so much custom work that needs to be completed all at one time. I like to concentrate on each separate portrait and get everything just right. Being stressed does not mesh well with creativity. Since I deliver my portraits by email, you'd think that would solve a lot of the time crunch, but unfortunately it actually adds to the need for speed! When I complete the art and email it, you still must to have time to use that file. If you use it online like at or or for any other custom type items, there has to be plenty of time for you to order and then receive the item you're giving.

I'm thankful for all the orders and the patience my customers have extended me this year. Next year I'll have a better view of whats needed and will plan ahead much better.
It's good to be back! Thanks for following!

Here's one of my latest commissioned portraits...

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