Pets Soothe Our Soul
No Matter What They Look Like

Animals are fascinating creatures that share this earth with us. Many of them share our home and lives as well. Our nurturing instincts try to keep them from harm. We do our best to provide them with love, comfortable surroundings and necessities. They are a great comfort to us even if the rest of our life is hectic or in a shambles.

With all that, comes "bragging rights"!
Do YOU have the best _______ (fill in the blank)? Of course you do. We each have the best because no two pets are identical, therefore each is the best in it's own right.

Those of you not well acquainted with animals and pets may think that all _______ (fill in the blank again)... cats are alike, rats are alike, snakes are alike... totally untrue. Over 130 foster cats have temporarily come into my home (hmmm, some of them are still did that happen? LOL) Every single one of them were different, not just the way they looked, but the way they acted. As animal lovers we know this fact - every animal, no matter what kind, how big or how small, each has it's own distinct personality.

This is one of the reasons I love creating animal art. Even in photos, that individual personality can shine through and I do my best to capture that in my art. I have recently begun doing custom digital sketches for other people and I so enjoy seeing pictures of their beloved companions no matter what size, shape or attitude.

Show off your own pet with my custom digital art sketch. It can be used dozens of ways to help incorporate your pet into your daily life. Use it in your scrapbooking or as wall paper on your computer, phone or iPod, print it on stationery to share with friends, order custom postage stamps or create your own items on CafePress all featuring YOUR pet. The possibilities are unlimited!


Metalsgirl said...

Thats so cool that you foster! I foster too, but dogs. We do have two wonderful kitties too!

Baroness Bijoutery said...

Have always had cats..can't imagine my home without cats.. We take in the strays of the world. My favorite would have to be my Prissy..I featured her antics in a blog a few weeks ago...People must always remember one thing about cats...they don't have owners they have STAFF....

The Beneficial Bee said...

As you could tell from my blog I am an animal lover as well. I have fostered more cats than I can count and I am always picking up a new abandoned pet! Thank you for your great post about animal personalities. Your etsy shop is great!

Audrey said...

You do amazing work!! Dogs are my favorite people. Though the one we have now is more like a cat - very independant.

Elsie Echevarria LMFT said...

yea for pups!! just discovered your blog on an etsy forum thread - come on over and visit with me sometime-

jeannie wray said...

I love this site!
Animals are so therapeutic I truly love mine!

I rescue also I have 27 now
And I love everyone of them :-)

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