Enhance Photos of 3D Art with White Backgrounds

I spent the day taking shots of a few of my polymer clay creations I'm submitting for a group show. Taking my own photos can be both very satisfying AND frustrating. As the artist I'm never completely objective as I position a piece ready for the shoot. Being the maker means I know about all the flaws. This can be an advantage since I can to put the item in it's best light. However it can also become an obsession trying not show a single flaw... an impossible task, after all, this is handmade art. As I arrange my art I do my best to step back and view it like it's the first time I've ever laid eyes on it.

I love creating images of my 3-D art with well lit white backgrounds. It can really enhance the colors and keeps everything focused on the art.
With the advantages of digital photography I find shooting in a studio setting much more fun than when I use to use film.
-- view it while you shoot means: you know what the shot will look like (most of the time)
-- no cost means: take lots of shots, with the law of averages one of them has to be good
-- immediate viewing means: take it over if it isn't right

Have fun shooting your art, it can be part of the creative process!
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