Painting from My Past

I've been painting it seems forever, although there were gaps of years here and there that I didn't pick up a brush. The late 80s brought the Macintosh computer into my world and it took over my creativity. But on occasion I would still turn out a painting for a special occasion. In 1989 I painted this very nostalgic subject... Boxer puppies. It was a wedding present for my cousin. This watercolor painting is of 2 generations of Boxers I raised.
I no longer have dogs (haven't had for 20+ years), only cats and I often miss the 'dog' companion connection. This brings back fond memories of Indiana, being home on the farm and of my far off cousins The Hattons.


mary jane said...

wow! you should paint more often!
that is amazing!

industrialpoppy said...

Oh this is just amazing! Beautiful! And I like your post about inspiration-I just did one myself!

jenjems said...

This is so precious. I have an 11 year old boxer and can't imagine ever not owning one. They're amazing little beasts!

Walk in the Woods said...

What a sweet, sweet painting! Paint more! Paint more!


HOW FANTASTIC!! It is a masterpiece! You really should do more paintings!! I LOVE dogs!

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