Plein Air Painting on Vacation

I love painting en plein air. So much more inspiring than painting from a flat photograph. Painting on vacation sounds wonderful doesn't it? Take a marvelous road trip, say to the Southwest, Utah, Arizona. Beautiful scenery, warm breezes, inspiration everywhere. Unfortunately its not as easy as it sounds. The vacation was wonderful, but finding time for art before dark (the day goes by so quickly), coordinating with Mother Nature for good weather to sit outdoors, and add struggling with high altitude lethargy, all makes for a rough creative state of mind. To compensate, I relied on my trusty digital camera and took hundreds of reference pictures. 

This 45 minute study was one of only 3 pieces I did during this 10 day excursion. I'll use it along with many digital photos for a much more in-depth painting in the comfort of my studio.